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Hii everyone ,
The thing is its been 5 months since my bf broke up with me and I am missing him so much .There is not a single day that I did not think about him .I don’t want to miss him anymore and he was keep blocking and unblocking me on social media, so that made me confused also .During 5 month of breakup my bf and I had an on and off chats but now it’s been more than a month and half we contacted each other he blocked me one and half months ago and then unblocked me few days ago .I am just so exhausted and I want to stop missing him and it feels like that he is going to text me I am tired of waiting I just want to move on but I am unable to do that …What should I do?

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Wow, it’s like we are going through the same thing. It has been five months since my bf broke with me and there is no day that I don’t think of him. I keep imagining us talking and it has become a habit for me and I want to stop it. We haven’t talked for a month and a half but he doesn’t block me. Whenever I say something he replies a little then starts ignoring me so I just stopped talking to him. He literally hurt my feelings but I’m getting over it, it’s just that I still think of him and I know that he has even forgotten about me 😔. I know I haven’t really been of help to you but I just felt I should share my story cuz we are both going through something similar.


Yes the situation is same for me also I keep imagining scanarios with him and all the hurt he put me through and I just want to get over him .I can totally understand your situation it feels emotionally exhausted and tiring 😔


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