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Hii everyone !
I recently broke with my bf because things was not working out and it was the best relationships I had and I never felt the same way in my previous relationship.I just felt there is so much to say to him .I told him to block me so that I can move on from him then he blocked me one social media and blocked me from call also .then I texted him on instagram he replied but then blocked me again .Then I tried to contact with him another social media he did not blocked me from there only blocked my messages .I texted him ,begged him but he read and ignored the text and blocked him .it hurts so much .I don’t know if he loved me or not but he was different from any other guy I had met .I know he was struggling lot in his life ,his mind was not stable ,his personality was like he can never satisfy in his life no matter how much he achieve  but he cared for me in the past.Plz help me what to do.

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try getting Him back , if he dosent respond means he never wanted a commited long term with you maybe !! 
come out , be single , make friends!


Thank you:)


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