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I had a friend sakshi whose brother had tumour after his death we 3 girl went to her place to meet her .actually .i never like her behaviour as in school time she was cunning miser and used to show off a bit…other girl kaju used back bitch about her with me i never response to her but still sakshi was school friend. Sakshi brokes kaju and other girl humi friendship as kaju backbitch about her to sakshi. So kaju used to tell me about her that she done that with me in 5 class.but later sakshi kajal known that their papa were school in 9th we all became frnds…i had no problm with that. When in college i used to tell problems about colg with them i feel lonely .to them
So when i went to her place sakshi to see her after his bro death she started showoff, braging things( may be she wasnt in mood to talk) suddenly i started braging …they started making fun of me that i have no friends .
After one year of college ends .they get jobs kaju sakshi became close friends as kaju feels bad for her condition i was not talking to any one of them not for that reason so they thought i get upset eith them but everything was sorted.

i started getting flashback of all these things why i say so. I feel guilty and regretful.jealouse… bad also what they done to me.
Every thing is sorted then but still…i

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