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hiee im Angel.
im new here.
im pretty young and i want to commit suicide for i dont feel loved.i just feel like the universe hates me…im honestly fed up with life…
i only hope that im making the right choice😞😔

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Hey Angel!
Don’t be sad and don’t make choices in the heat of a moment. REMEMBER : SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION. Learn to be brave. And realize that there are lots of people in this world who are in worse situation than urs but are still fighting death… Stay Strong… Eventually u will find someone who knows ur worth. Until then, be brave and face your problems. And I know u can…
Learn to love yourself❤️


thank you😔
i guess i will give it a go one more time😊


I always felt like I need to end my life and I know life is unfair n i guess you now that’s felling and that’s words when it comes in your head make you feel like you do not belong for this world .
I know you feel like that , but committing suicide is not the right thing to do . Every moment is a new chance … I do not know what happened to you or the things make you feel bad , All I know there is a girl call Angel and she knows herself is pretty. our world need a girl like you , need a girl trust herself enough to say I am pretty . I can’t do anything to make you do not make a suicide but trust me Angel … our world need someone like you. even me I need to be like you to tell everyone that i am pretty.

I am sorry if there are any wrong in me spelling , English is not my language.


thank you sooo much…this advise i will keep until i die…thank you once again…

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Nandani @nandani

it’s not the right choice not even 0.0000001%
U feel like quiting ur life right… just because u feel unloved…
just give urself 365 days… and take responsibility of ur life, start loving urself, don’t wait for others to do it!
if u urself won’t love u… then how can you expect others to do it!!!
live ur life as u have always wanted to😊
Invest in urself
i know its very easy to say… but just give it a try


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