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hiee im Angel.
im new here.
im pretty young and i want to commit suicide for i dont feel loved.i just feel like the universe hates me…im honestly fed up with life…
i only hope that im making the right choice😞😔

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Hang in there, stranger!
I’m pretty young too and don’t really know how to help you, but just keep in mind that there are others like me that don’t hate you.

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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Hey there
You are truly an good person .
I appreciate you always.



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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Hlw pretty ,
Just sit back and feel relaxed because your whole world is here to make an announcement that we all love angel preety angel
I had an suggestions to you that whenever you feel like every body hates you ,you had to create your own world with ur owns ,they helps you to out of there and what you deserves.
For further when you feels low
Here is my no. 8000709662
Be calm be positive
Don’t hazzitate to call me or msg.


thank you so much…will do.


Yes your life


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