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Hependra Singh @happyuzuma...

Hie, everyone. In Dec, 2021, we broke up because she is getting married and now we don’t talk anymore. But, we both love each other, so much. I still can move on and we share common friend circle, one day I am talking to one of his friends and she tell me that she and her fiance had sex. I was like what!!! For a moment i was like my anxiety fired up but all i want to know is you love someone and still you can had sex with someone else, I know it’s her fiance one day it will happen but everytime i talk to her she said I don’t know i love him (Fiance) still and right now i can’t think odf anyone else. Is it that easy?

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Ranadeep Das @raptorscrm

Its better you move on and there’s this one famous character who said " I never go back on my words because that is my nindo my ninja way"

Stick to it. Stick to you plans about not giving up on yourself because losing yourself in a process of forgetting someone is not worth it.

You will find a better someone. Never settle for less.

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Hependra Singh @happyuzuma...

Somedays i thought of giving up on myself, there is nothing left but when i remember my mum do so much for me and by giving up on myself i am hurting the most important person in my life, maybe i can’t give her my life partner but at least a happy life with me.


Dude … sorry for being rude but she is married now and she has the right to do anything and anytime with her new partner . U cant feel sad about it . Just leave them alone. U need to move on . Stop talking to her cos next news will be about her child.
She is married now.


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