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hi umm so this is kind of a confession, i never told anyone thisssss hahahaha i just think that im weirdddd that i always act out a scene everyday to make myself feel better. idk like dancing to a song but then i act like there’s people that looks at me when i do something and theeen i would feel better 😌😌 im starting to think oh this is why people dont rlly like to be friends with me? when im alone in my bedroom, i would dance to any songs that makes me feel good and act like im talking to someoneee (like a boyfriend or sum) Shhhhh*t im starting to feel rlly sad thinking of me acting this way

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Everyone has their own personality.
People always feel to see the personality which are very common . You see the uniqueness is this world will take time to accept it by people but ones it is accepted then they will make it a trend .
Their are very less people with uniqueness in them , for eg : they are more number of people as trend follower compare to trans setters .
So don’t be sad you will be one of them 😁😁😁

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I agree with that @palayogith


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