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Hi to whoever is reading this. I want to point out two things first (I am male and am heterosexual). Ok, I want to start off by saying 2019 was my favorite year of my life. It just felt so different because I had so many new things coming into my life and so many new people. I felt like I didn’t need to try to have fun and just instead went with anything. Now it just feels like nothing and my 3-5 close friends barely do anything on the daily. It is partly because of this quarantine, but isn’t mainly because of it. It has been like this for the past 10 months and I don’t know what to do. We have had many fights and people have left the group. One person in particular. I am going to refer to them as “Tom”. Tom was my bestfriend and only actual bestfriend I’ve ever had. I never had someone like this in my life and we spent so many nights staying up and having fun. Sidetracking, before I met tom my life felt weird. It wasn’t a bad weird it was good. I had met so many new people and enjoyed so many new things. I had learned so many things. When tom came, it was even better because I actually had someone to talk to. After summer, he stopped talking to me, got made fun of for reasons that im not gonna state and I didn’t help him. It felt he just left me and didn’t want to talk to me. After new year, he got a Gaming PC and could talk to me. Things were weird because we didn’t talk in like 5 months. He said some stuff and everybody hated him. He started losing friends and changed his personality. I saw that this was happening and was always by his side but he was never happy. A week ago he left me and my friend group comepletely. I don’t know how to act because we really haven’t been bestfriends for about a year, but kept calling each other that just because. I don’t know if my life is dependent on this person or not. I don’t know if I leave this person and go my own way or get them back. Problem is, they are actually nothing like how I remembered them and it is painful just to lose someone like this.

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I had a similar problem one day and a person I considered to be a very close friend to me just simply stopped talking to me suddenly. I felt horrible and kept on trying to see if I had said or done anything wrong. But deep inside I knew I had not and only gave the very best friendship to that person. Still I suffered because of that. There is no happy ending as we never spoke to each other anymore and this happened many years ago.

I feel sometimes we do not really know people who are around us, even if we trust them a bit. People can surprise you, sadly in negative ways.

Only time has healed that situation for me. When I looked back I realized that person had stopped talking to some friends he had before and even to his father but I never envisaged the same happening to our friendship and it was my mistake.

I realized some people have deep mental and psychological problems you can’t fix for them. They need therapy but they do not look for what can improve their lives but can hurt many people along the way. I was the one hurt one day and this time was you. You will move on though.


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