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Hi to the person reading this :-)

My current state of mind: I am trying to be there for a friend who has been diagnosed with depression and is taking therapy sessions. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful that I get to be there for her and she seems to appreciate my support as well. But recently, I’ve started to feel that I rarely tell her what’s going on with me or how I’m feeling, and our friendship seems to have become just me being there for her and it’s only she who shares. This has become a default state for me now in our friendship, that when she asks me what’s up with me, I totally blank out…

any thoughts? Would love to hear your opinion… Thanks :-)

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Hey there…i get it how you are feeling . it’s just that she is going through more tough times now and i agree you also may be going through hard times but it’s just that you don’t want to trouble her with your problems as she is not in a proper state of mind to help you . you want to share and talk to her but as this is the schedule going on for quite some time that’s y you feel like it . When she will feel better and you two can go out and you feel she is doing good you will automatically start sharing some little things with her . Don’t worry it’s just a phase and it will pass . You have to trust and believe me everything will be fine .


This is really helpful… yea I’m sure it’s a phase too. Thank you so much for your reply


Hey… it’s very amazing that you’re being there for your friend. It’s really good that she has seeked help. I can understand going blank too, I have experienced it. But, sometimes it might help her to hear about your life too… and getting her involved in the things in your life. Sometimes she might feel nice to remember how it was before her depression. It’s really good that she is sharing with you and you are helping, but I think talking about stuff in your life or which is not about her depression might help. She will understand you better than ever before. But… remember to do it slowly.


Yea, I understand… Yea, I should probably not completely stop sharing and do it slowly but surely. Thank youu, this was really helpful


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