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This is the first time I am saying this out loud.
It’s okay to not feel like home at home. It’s okay to not love your immediate family. Yes, sometimes the people closest to you, the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally become the reason of your stress, your degrading mental health and and make you feel miserable.
It’s okay to detach yourself from a toxic environment. You are not a bad person to do it. Thinking about yourself first is not bad. Keeping yourself before others is not bad, loving yourself is not bad.
It’s okay. You are gonna be okay

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Ananya @ananya2

Yes. This feeling is valid. It definitely doesn’t you a bad person. Blood is not thicker than water, that’s a terribly toxic way of making people stick together as allies, even when its bad for their mental health. Pleeeease go watch Jim Sarbh’s Mothers’ Day video on instagram, it gave me so much perspective about families!


Thinking about yourself first is not bad. Self-love is the most important. Don’t let anything toxic near you and affect you. It’s completely normal to feel this way.

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