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HI. This is gonna be long. I really had no one to talk to since depression dosent exist in a mexican household. This started around last year. I came home one day to realize there was 3 new kids in the apartment. But what I didn’t realize was that I was going to raise them. This dosent seem hard but they came off from the streets so I had to teach them how to brush their teeth and wash their hair from lice. This was junior year for me. That’s wasnt even the worst part my grandma died and we had her funeral the day before we got them so I never got the chance to acknowledge her death till now. Ap test were around the corner. I just lost that year. Finally at the beginning of senior year my mom took me to a doctor to figure out what is wrong with me. Surprise I got diagnosed with social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. And it only got worse because my parents decided to change schools on my last year of high school. I was by myself. So to divert the pain I waz feeling I started to cut myself. Now here I am feeling lost in my own world ready to die but scared of the unknown.

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