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Hi. This is ammama and today im going to share my story with you. Im the oldest nd i belong to a muslim family. My dad hates my mom. Cuz she is ugly undereducated has acne. And the other reason is my grandmother. I hate my father side. Like his sisters nd brothers and his mother. They tell fake stories about my mum. Nd then he beats her. Until she starts bleeding. And then i grew up. I knew everything. Wtf these genes. I had the same acne prob.he hates me more. But loves my smaller sis. Im an arrogant person. As much as i take up my mind to not answer back the more i get arrogant. My mom blames me for this. Ik its bcuz of me but its him also. I want to die i want to die. I also want my mom to die. So that she doesnt have more to go. Inshallah we will die.

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No donโ€™t say that

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Simran @st1199


In my opinion, you and your mother should leave him. He has no right to hit your mother or dislike for something she canโ€™t control (Acne) nor itโ€™s your fault. Yes, we do get things from our parents and you got too and there is nothing wrong with it. Despite genes, the Acne problem is very common, especially among girls. I have them too and have had them for more than 6 years now.

Please donโ€™t think of dying as it will not solve anything. Try to think practically and ask your mother too that Is it better to live like this in an abusive relationship with 2 kids or itโ€™s better to leave him and start over again? When you take the first step Allah helps you find a path, to guide you. If you give up without trying he wonโ€™t help you in any manner. God helps those who try to help themselves first.

I hope you find a way to either make your dad get to learn or scare him by calling the Police because in no manner he has the right to do this and doesnโ€™t have the authority too. Please think, you and your sistersโ€™ future is waiting, and dying is not the answer. ๐Ÿ’—

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