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Hi, this day has just been so awful. We’re a group of three friends and I teased person A about someone having a crush on her, and she got so offended that she’s ignoring me. Which would have been understandable but Person B also made a much more teasing joke and Person A just laughed it off. So, am I being too much in asking for my friend to talk to me or was it right of her to do so? And I apologized but she just won’t talk to me, and when I talk to other people in school, she just comes to me and says, ‘So, you are not talking with me?’ What should I do? Any ideas?

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I think its not because she is offended I think she just doesnt wanna talk to you so she took a small issue as a reason not to talk to you. I read that u r an introvert. Its fine I’m too and recently I lost my best friend so I have no friends RN. I would say that u should try to talk to them one more time. If then also they are ignoring you forget about them. If u want to talk more message me I’ll be here😊


Thank you


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