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maddie @maddie_

hi there.
my name is maddie.
this is my first time indulging in this type of app so to be honest i have no idea what to expect from it.
i come from a small town, in a small country.
im maori, an ethnicity i came to learn not many people are aware of.
im your average 19 year old female who is only starting to get back on her feet.
i don’t want to share to much, but it would nice to start somewhere and share a few things about myself.
my favourite colour is red.
physical touch is my love language.
i quit smoking marijuana the start of last year but relapsed.
it’s been a good five or so months since i’ve been clean and that is basically the only thing i have good going for me now.
Thankyou ❤️

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nothing @random32

Hello, I’m glad to hear you’re doing well right now. I was reading this and was like “that’s a good color choice”. I’m also 19 and have been managing throughout this thing we call life. I still smoke weed but do try on stopping since I want a fresh start. It’s pretty difficult to start that when life keeps interrupting you

merin @merin1994



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