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Santosh @sr12

Hi there!
I like thinking much about everything without obsessions.
Yeah, I like them until they turn to get compulsive.
Thinking refers to the data processing in our mind including creating new ones using the present study. Intelligence is the ability to think… and the pace at which the nerve signals are generally generated.
Everyone tries to enhance their thinking by different activities. In most of the activities, they try to control their thoughts and the process of creating these thoughts. Some might want to control by thinking not to control too. After a series of events, I realised actually that the thoughts should never be controlled, instead, they must be diverted towards another subject of study keeping the objectives in our mind. The more we control, the more we tend to get distracted and obsessed leading to some mental fatigue. Initially, we might get some positive response but in long term, they kill us from the inside. The negative consequences we face depends on the way we try to control our thoughts and feelings.
Of course, feelings are something that refers to the thoughts linked with physical world and the actions we are interested in. The chain of feelings and emotions depend upon the results we obtain in the previous events… Emotions try to induce some goal or aim that arise as a part of feelings but biologically relevant, sometimes irrational taking it as our integral part…
All these aspects should be natural and should never be controlled by an external source. The mental force is a result of the chemical composition in our brains, our mental energy (refers to the capacity of work that can be done), our surroundings and environment, emotional quotient, strong will to act in order to achieve something, desire and thinking about the peace we acquire after the accomplishment of the task, a bit of greediness.
Everything should be natural and simple according to me. Doing something artificial and thinking it as natural is normal but extremely not natural. Our neurons must experience time dilation for that to be natural. And thinking about thinking is natural with some proper sense but thinking it artificial being natural is absolutely ridiculous. We should just improve our brains’ abilities and just divert them onto the tasks we like to perform. It improves our mood and positivity too accelerating our growth rate diminishing the mental fatigue we bear. Simulataneously, this builds our character, self esteem, integrity etc… giving us a perfect and unique identity with respect to sapient species on Earth. And to gain identify in the society is a relatively small thing…
A small story of a horse…
A horse was tied to a pole in a shed of infinite area. It tries to escape from it and always thinks of freedom. It’s thinking is confined and only limited to gain freedom. Only an aspirant of being a free soul.
This time, in the same shed of infinite area, it was set free and given the opportunity to live its life. So, now, the horse shall live its life to the fullest achieving his/her dreams with aspirations being constantly changing. It shall travel wherever it wants to and rest whenever it wishes to. Living its own soulful journey fulfilling the cause it was born to.
In both the cases, the area or the space to explore and develop is same but the constraints differ…
To conclude, horse refers to our thoughts, area refers to imagination and creativity including processing, the rope and pole refers to controlling our thoughts and feelings. So the pole should be removed and the rope should be set free travelling to our desired places…
Our universe is a very great place to live in until the exact scientific consensus on the definition of life is discovered… Till then, stay conscious and thrive for the excellence of the living kind.
Thanks for reading 💖

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Akash Dalal @skybroker

your thoughts are vivid. a new perspective of seeing people. 💝

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Santosh @sr12

Thank you 😊 Perception might induce a change in the reality, sometimes physically over time 💖


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