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Hi there…i don’t know if anyone is going to read this or not but i will write whats eating me more than anything. Im in my final year student in college and when I came back when the lockdown begin i found my mom sick…she tries to look strong but she is not, she is having severe stomach pains, she was checked by the doctors and they said everything is ok, but nothing has changed, right now she is in bed, i tried talking to her but she is too weak and in pain. I don’t know what to do now, im really scared ,i wish it were me

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Hey, don’t worry all of us here are going to pray for her speedy recovery. I know it’s one of the worst feelings to see your loved ones suffering but it’s a part of life right? The only which you can do right now is give yourself and your mother hope and be strong. Remember if you’re strong you’ll give her more and more strength to recover fast please don’t sulk in front of her. Act as if she’s normal and everything is normal. I know it’s a difficult situation but sometimes you got to act practical even if your emotional side is eating you up. Remember, whatever happens, happens for a reason. More strength and hope to you.


Thank you for this…i really needed this…thank you


Keep all thank yous away. You don’t need to show such formalities here. Just make sure to always express yourself whenever in need. We’re just a text away to understand you.


Khusi…i need ur words too!!


Heyy, always there. Let me know what you’re going through.


Actually I’m single from last one year… and i have no one who care for me like my potential gf…and also i have no one whom i can flirt with 😋


I’d prefer you leave this platform and join tinder or bumble, might help. We are here to help people not flirt with them.


Sharing is the new normal !!
Share more and care more


Hey there!
First, I hope your mother gets well soon which she will.
Second, I suggest you to take her to some other doctor or maybe gynecologist because this might be a menopause pain but again I am not a doctor but you should take her to other doctor. Bearing a long lasting pain is not good for her. Till then be strong and take care of yourself and your family. Be with them, love them, hug them, play with them, make memories, click pictures, cook for her and everything possible. Don’t put stress on yourself and try to calm your family as well 😃 Stay safe.


I don’t know how to help you. But I know that when someone is sick the only thing they want is the care. They want to know that you are there for them. Be her side always. Smile at her. The last thing a mother want is that her child gets in pain because of her.
She will be okay after some days. Dont worry. Take care.


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