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Hi there, hope you are doing well!
I’m doing fine, but just wanna share about one thing that’s keep swinging on my mind recently…
I used to have a best friend that we were really close and we promised that we will support each other no matter what…but since last year, my best friend started not to contact with me that frequent anymore…I know she might be having her new life in overseas, meeting new friends…but I still feel extremely sad that we used to be so good and close friendship, but now…whenever I send her a text asking how’s thing going for her, she will take so much time/days/weeks to reply…

I told myself that’s OK, everyone has his or her own choice and maybe she chooses not to be that close with me anymore…but tbh, I still feel sad whenever I think of her :'(

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anuj @anujvohra

Make new friends if possible. Your friend is busy in her new life. You get going on yours. Leave the past as good memories. Memories are good movie but dont rewind it every day, once in a while, it’s okay


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! That gave me some valuable insights! :D
I have thought of meeting new friends, but I’m just afraid that this kind of situation will happen again…I can’t handle the pain anymore, it’s really heartbreaking…even though he/she is just only my friend, because I treasure my friends and families a lot. So when they are leaving me, I will feel extremely sad

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anuj @anujvohra

Dont be afraid of meeting new people, no one is permanent. Keep your emotions in balance is the key. Life is about sharing experience, if you keep thinking that it will be negative, nothing new will happen. You can connect further if u wish to talk on this. But be sure to open your horizons and dont worry about people will leave or stay…in the end, we are always alone, so it doesnt matter


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