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Hi, sorry I just want to let my feeling all out. I’m actually a 13 years old kiddo, my parents broke up when I was 6 because my dad cheated on mom. My dad married another woman and my mom found another man. He lived in our house, I treated him like a family, like a friend but not a father ( since I love my real father ) after a few years went by, I grew up, I was 10 back then. I can’t say what he did to me, but I hope you already know, it’s scary to be honest. It’s what most girls have experienced. I was scared to tell my mom but she figured it out in the morning after the incident has happened, she only said to keep it a secret that’s all. After that I keep living normally like nothing happened I really don’t understand what he did to be honest, since I was a child back then, I thought he was just joking and playing but as I grew up, I slowly understood, after a few days, their relationship wasn’t going well, they broke up and the guy went with another woman. Now that I am a 13 years old kid. I was sad when I saw my mom having a video call with another guy. She tried to hide the phone so I won’t be able to see it, but I saw. She’s always with her phone too, she always laugh. I’m happy for her, well… To be honest I’m angry. She said she won’t find another man. But what did I saw? I’m afraid. What if the past will repeat? Will I be able to survive? As much as I hate it, I can’t ask mom about this thing, since I’m a kid who can’t express feelings.

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Tell the police they’ll get you help.


Also if you don’t want the cops involved. Tell your mom that you are angry she didn’t keep her word. If you sense the same thing is gonna happen again pls leave that room immediately and tell the cops. They will help you trust them.


Would u still want to report to police about what your mom’s previous man did to u, then try talking to someone like your trusted relative of what happened and report it to cops, cuz u know it will be a trauma which u will bring until u grow up, if not then just be careful on this day onwards since u said you’re already 13, if something happens again, don’t hesitate to call for help or call the cops so they can help u.


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