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Hi. So this is my first time on a platform like this. I have been struggling a lot lately with school. I have been good at school so far. A straight A student all my life. But all of a sudden I don’t feel like doing my school work. I have no motivation to do it even though I know it’s going to ruin my career before even it starts. I want to do it but I can’t and then I keep stressing about it. Is it normal?? Am I just procrastinating or am I not interested in it? I can’t seem to figure out

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Chris @boredaf123

It definitely is normal. It’s a phase people go through. What’s important is that you work on your studies rather than stressing about it. Study half an hour first, make a routine and increase time . I would suggest you stay away from big distractions ( social media, gaming and porn ) . They drain energy and motivation from you. Do this and you’ll be fine.

Cultural life @uniquejacke...

I have been in the same situation. Good student academically and quite a lot involved in sports. But suddenly in 11, I started losing motivation to do things you mentioned above You can try to study in a group. Watching others might force you to push yourself too. You may also try doing exercises. And it’s very normal at this age. people tend to become lazy.


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