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Hi! So I’m back and I know I’ve been gone for a while but I needed to get really focused on school work for my exams. Thankfully the one I was most dreading is over with and I’m now on my Easter break, but I still have two more to get over with on the 24th, the same day I go back. So hopefully everything goes well. I’ve also managed to fall out with one of my friends and is refusing to be friends again, and be helping some people with problems, while others in my year with how to actually revise for a subject that you don’t really know how to go about doing so. Thankfully, I won’t have to worry about any of that after I go back. My year’s exams will be finished and my friends in fourth year and above will be away on study leave. Peace and quiet, yay. I will admit that it will feel strange and I might de-socislise after school until they come back. If anyone has any questions about anything they want to ask I don’t mind, ask away! It’ll be nice to get posting more on here again

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i feel really bad too, i don’t like my friends anymore i feel like they are not what they used to be or maybe i am not who i used to be. i dot feel any connection wiht them anymore, i just feel like our friendships is pretty baseless at this time. what do you do to de-socialise ?


love to see u here after so long!!!


hello rebecca. i just want to say that i love how you are so open about sharing. gives me strength. more power to you.


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