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Hi ! So I don’t know how this works .
I’m sharing a personal experience about me with my old best friend .

We’ve been through a lot over the past 10 years . But as we grew, she started digging up all the past issues that we had as kids. Every time the conversation ends with me saying a sorry and the next day she has something new .
I don’t choose to speak up the issues I had because I understand it was all in the past and we evolve each day . But it broke me the day she started mentioning things about my ex and our relationship even after I’m married . She chooses to tease me with him even after me telling her I’m uncomfortable.
I feel that I have let go a lot of her faults and I always tried to be the understanding one .
But now I’m stuck.
I can’t take the blame game . Nor I can speak up because that creates chaos and gives her another chance to blame me to spoil things .

I don’t know if I should stay and work on it or just quit this friendship without an explanation.

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Heyyy beautiful human! I just wanted to tell u that this friend of your doesnt deserve u. Please block her right now. You have a beautiful future ahead. Stop looking back and stop caring about people who drag u back❤


I know that . What’s holding me back is her defaming me in front of my other friends and if I block her , then that gives her the power to blame me once again 🙈


First of all if she or any other friend blames you for something so shitty like this then they r not ur friend. Moreover u should be happy that ur life is getting less complicated

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