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Since the past month i’ve been feeling terrible. My father is a phone addict. He uses phone till 4 or 5 am and then sleeps till 12 pm. And then as soon as he wakes up he again starts using phone. He even forgets to have his meals because he is too much into this phone. He uses phone for like 10-16 hours straight. I haven’t shared this with any of my close friends because i feel so ashamed. I sometimes just wish i had the father which i faked about to my friends. I told them that he really loves me and that we talk with each other a lot. I tried a lot to divert him from phone. None of it succeeded. Today i asked him whether he doesn’t get enough of using this phone. He just started shouting and abusing me. I felt so so sad idk what to do. He never talks to any of our family members becus of the goddamn phone. I tried to convince him a lot but every time he starts to shout at me. He doesn’t want to get out from this addiction.
What do i do? I feel so depressed

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Dear this is the problem i hope many would be facing.
1) See what is that ur dad is so much into (i mean which app is he using a lot) understand what is keeping him so attached to his device.

2) understand who can make him understand and bring him out of this addiction (friend, relative)
reach out them & ask for help.
ask them to stay with you for someday at ur home so he/she can try to counsel ur dad.

Try this things hopefully it will work, if it doesn’t we will try to find another solution.
Do let me know if it helped


Thank u so much for ur reply :) seems like someone cares…
He is too much into Facebook. He writes about social issues and all that stuff on facebook which is a good thing but the matter which really makes me downhearted is that he never has time for any of us! whenever he opens his mouth it wld be for fighting.

And we’ve honestly tried a lot. We made the relatives whom he dearly loves talk to him about it but nothing changes. He really doesn’t want to change :(


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