Hi, right now I’m in collage and struggling with myself. My self-esteem is not what it used to be. Collage and high school are different. I never expected that I would say that I miss my high school days. I have changed my major for two times. The previous one was hell but I have faith for the current one but there are still a lot of work I need to do. Right now, I need positive influence in my collage life. I was alone at first but I had friends that were kind enough to be with me. The problem is they love to gossip and have inferiority complex with my other classmates. It’s only recently that I know this friendships won’t work and I decide to cut them off. I’m struggling enough with myself and I don’t want to add more burdens. Right now, I want to focus on self-improvement. I’m thinking on joining a club but I don’t think that alone is enough. Please leave some recommendations to me. Also I need something that requires me to be interactive as I’m not as independent as I used to be.

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I mean joining a club of your interest will help you find people with a mindset similar to yours. Those are the Best of friends and having people with similar goals will only motivate You. something for you.

We all look so different
But isn’t everybody the same
Every single one one of us
Feels some sort of pain

I love to stay alone
But hate feeling lonely
I love have to tons of room
But hate feeling empty

Loneliness isn’t when you alone
It is a state of our minds
When there are only inside lone
And tears outside your eyes

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