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Youbeyou @momo_01

Hi, please help me out in something which is very important for me.
Me and my fiancé decided to get married but he is not financially well settled. He already has debts to pay. His salary is around 30k and which he uses his entire salary to pay debts and by the 10th of the month he has no money. I earn 33k per month (fyi).
Second thing, I found pictures of him and his ex together in a pub at night. He hid this thing from me and I found them on his phone. He started to cry and beg me not to leave him. I’m very weak hearted so even though he broke my heart I took him back. I think he is still very irresponsible and immatured. I don’t know what to do. My family is very serious about our wedding but his family is not. Please help me

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anuj @anujvohra

Pls wait then before getting married to him…it’s advisable to do that…tell your parents the reason for this . they will understand…get married only when you are mentally ready…


Please discuss the finances the before getting married. It seems like you have different views regarding that. Also about him meeting his ex…I may not be the best person to advise you on that. If you are willing to forgive him and take the risk then go ahead. Seems like you guys have a lot to talk about

Youbeyou @momo_01

Thank you so much


You have got this girl…take break…breathe…analyse what you want and move one step at a time…

Youbeyou @momo_01

This made me feel so much better🥺

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AlfaKilo @alfakilo

Talk the things openly… Being with a wrong person is way worse than being alone…🙂

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eva @grktrx

i don’t think there’s a place for advices when it comes to your personal life, but what i see is that you already know the answer, even though you can’t say it out loud. i felt one thing while reading this - insecurity, not happiness. i wouldn’t want my marriage to start from a feeling like that. please don’t forget about self love and self appreciation 🤍

Youbeyou @momo_01

Yes, it made me feel really insecure about myself and it destroyed my self confidence and self esteem completely. Made me feel that I’m not enough.


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