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Sammy @unheard_soul

Hi oll, I m new here so before expressing my thoughts let’s just introduce myself to everyone here on dis platform. I was a software engineer and co-founder of a startup, but right now I have just head out of a life-death scenerio dat was just poundered on me due to build up of certain circumstances it’s only been a month by now. So I was just scrolling down to few apps and found dis one and thought of expressing my journey, experiences, ups n downs, knowledge, hope, strength, power, connections nd much more wid co-listeners here in which some of will just read my thoughts and life sailing moments, some of will get inspired, some of will become friends, some of will be those from which I will get inspired. So that’s oll about myself for now. Let’s connect

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You’re welcome with lots of love.

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Nandini @i_need_h6lp

greetings Sammy. :)

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anuj @anujvohra

Hope u r feeling okay

Sammy @unheard_soul

Yeah🙂…thanks for asking✨️


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