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Hi my name is Sam. I’m a bit of an introvert.
There’s this girl who’s my neighbour and on whom I have a crush.
I couldn’t say it to her face how much I love her and now I really can’t because she doesn’t even wanna talk to me because something terrible happened…
One day I decided to tell her that I have a crush on her and the moment I was gonna say that. She said excitedly to me(one of her closest friend) that she made a boyfriend. Although I fake smiled in front of her it pretty much hurt inside. I couldn’t bear the fact that she’s not with me but someone else.
After a few months, one day a mutual friend of mine and my neighbour took a selfie with her in an elevator and my crush didn’t know that but her breasts were visible in the photo. But her friend knew that . The other that guy came to me and said that he has an amazing picture of her but he will only show it to me if I pay him. I thought that maybe she might be looking beautiful in that picture so I thought why not. But when he showed me the pic I got angry. I said that he needs to delete the picture at that instant. But he didn’t and he threatened me instead that he’ll go and tell her that I’m the one that’s been showing everyone the pic and also I said something vulgar. I had to back off at that time. I couldn’t risk losing her as a friend and stop talking because god I loved her so much. But I had to do something about it or else more people will see that pic and I didn’t want that.
So I waited for a few days. I heard from a friend of mine that the guy showed the pic to him too. I got angry again. I mean why is he doing that. She trusted him and that’s what he doing.
I felt that I had no choice but to tell her myself that what he’s been upto lately.
But I got the news that my neighbour broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks back.
So I decided that I should first tell her about how much I’m in love with her.
So when we both met, I was gonna tell her how much she meant to me. But I couldn’t . I fell guilty by hiding her from the truth about that pic of hers. So instead I told her truth.
She got angry at me for telling her so late. I apologized for that. What else I could have done. I’m an introvert and I barely talk to people and yet alone this topic was a serious issue.
She called the guy who took the pic and that guy came . She made me stay. When she saw the pic herself she got more angry. But the guy and his friends said that I was the one who snatched his phone and saw the pic and said something vulgar and that I have been showing the pic to everyone myself. But I didn’t do anything like that.
Now she doesn’t talk to me and no one in my friend circle does. I’m so sad about what happened and being an overthinker I can’t take this out of my head. I don’t have anyone to talk to about this as they all think I’m a creep who doesn’t respect girls

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Simran @st1199

Hey Sam!
When i read all of this, I am PROUD of what you did. Rather than just leting go off the situation which shows sensitivity of a photo which a person shouldn’t have, you decided to tell her the truth immediately. You did later and it is very good of you. We don’t find such kind of guy usually. You need to assure her that you are not the one but her ex-boyfriend was the one. You are not a creepy person, you are a good human being who has respect for girls and wanted that photo to get deleted rather than enjoying it because it involved something which shouldn’t be without the girl’s consent. I hope you respect and be the same in future as well! :)
Also, the photo isn’t in your phone so how will you show it to everyone? The person who has it can only show and she is the one who is with the guy so you are no where to blame. Try to discuss with her the whole incident and ask politely how you are the one to blame and if you would have done, why will you come and confront infront of her and blame her ex boyfriend. You are not a creep who because of jealously will lie to her friend just to get in her good books.

Please tell her about your feelings even if you get a rejection. Because sometimes telling your feelings and being rejected is better than regreting and holding back onto feelings, right?


thanks a lot…but she doesn’t even like to see my face now

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Simran @st1199

Give her some time, let her think again the whole thing.
If she considered you a true friend then she won’t let the friendship get ruined and without giving you a chance to say your side of the story.

If still nothing happens, text that I want to talk and it’s a request. After that she can continue with what she wants to. It will show if she doesn’t turn up again that she was not worth your friendship because who doesn’t give their friend a chance and sort things out?


Thanks a lot… It really means a lot to me…
Thanks for the advice. Can’t say how much it means to me…

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Simran @st1199

I am here to help.
I really hope you get your friend/crush back. 😊

Let me know how things turn out!


I sure will


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