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Hi, my name is kira and i deal with depression and anxiety. i am a bisexual 13 year old girl. I have known i liked girls since i was 7 when i started to hate all these girly thing and then i used to get so excited when girls would kiss and i would get this tingly feeling through my body but when a guy and a girl would kiss i would think it was weird and then when i was 9 i had a large crush on a girl in my school and a guy in my school. i came out to my family 2 years ago and my mom was very un supportive and wanted to kick me out so i went to live with my dad who is slightly homophobic but he didnt care bc i was his daughter. i get judged for it everyday by people at school and i started to cut myself on my arms and inner thighs a few months back.
i also have been struggling with body insecurities like acne and veryyy thick thighs and i get looks about it and i just feel very ugly and unwanted in every room i walk into.

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Hi Kira. I wanna tell you how proud I’m of you because you’re so strong at such a young age. I can understand how it could be difficult to come out to your parents, but hey we’ll look at the positive side. Your father didn’t judge you right, he loves you irrespective of your preferences because you’re his daughter and that’s the kind of love you deserve my love.
As for acne and everything, you just entered teen. Your hormones are Ona run right now and hence it is very very very normal to have acne. You’ll see most of the kids having it too in your class. Both guys and girls. Don’t go by the society’s standards of beauty. You’re such a confident girl, don’t let what they say bother you. You’re beautiful inside out. You don’t have to fit into the fair-26waist-clear skin criteria of the society, mainly because it’s a myth. Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first! <3
I hope I was able to help!


my mom sorts excepts me now but she keeps saying that its just a phase and that i will grow out of it and it makes me so mad


Its okay Kira, if you are sure that this is who you are, there is nothing to be worried about. You have your father and friends to support you. And I’m sure your mother too will get a hang of it as well. She will come around, give her sometime. We need to understand that our parents come from an entirely different generation and hence an entirely different mindset. Some change with time, while some take more time than usual. It will all workout don’t you worry!