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Hi my name is Dakota and I’m 13 I have a new boyfriend his name is Harry and I’m so scared to lose him cause he means more then anything to me and I think he got mad at me when we got moved in class

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Dont worry it will be alright. Thats how relationships work. You get angry and then again in a few min you talk as usual. Try something that would make him jelous of you. Not to compete but to get him back. Make him win all the time.

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Simran @st1199

You shouldn’t be scared about this thing as much as you are. Rather than your boyfriend it should be your career and life which must be most important to you.

Give him and yourself some time and it’ll be fine and back on track. Relationships shouldn’t be the reason to bring Anxiety and if it does, it’s better to leave that behind than forcing yourself to have the person in life and suffer more such anxiety.

I hope you understand and work accordingly! :)


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