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β€ΊSuicidal Ideationβ€ΊThought

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hi mam
Kindly help me in this period , I will appear for CAT exam for MBA .
My parents said to me that β€œI will do MBA only if I clear CAT , otherwise no MBA and higher education.”
I asked them if I can work on private sector to do job ; they said no to it
and told me to appear again for govt. exams

Mam because of all this my cortisol levels are also high

I am gaining weight ,
I am having late periods
I am having stress
sleepless nights
my parents even didn’t have opened my Bank account nor provide me money for daily expenses nor I am permitted to leave my house , my college life , My privacy , my friendship. with other people all is ruined because of their toxic behaviour.
My Father and mother are always beating me past 8 years , I am 21 years old mam

Please mam I request you to please help me in getting out of this toxic behaviour mam

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