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Hi, m feeling strange today… The problem is i want someone in my life, but at same time i don’t want any relationship because of responsibility… I was Intrested in casual relationship. I slept with my colleague. Bt after that i feeling something heavy in my chest /heavy breathing… M not able to forget it… I can’t talk to him at any cost… What to do?i can’t talk to anyone. No friends, no family… Its kind of killing me… I think i hv got some emotions for him… I am angry that he is not giving a response… I m angry that he is not feeling anything…

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nothing to worry about what happened in the past, and you can’t be stick to someone who has no importance for you. Move ahead. Find new things for yourself over internet and yes one more thing, make new friends or just talk to someone you trust or you have a bond with, that is very important. And i feel this is a very good place to share your thoughts. Might you see someone you can talk with.
hope you find yourself positive after this!!


Hey :) You can’t really force someone to love you back. You have to accept it if the other person doesn’t reciprocate. But you should tell that person about your feelings because you never know things might take a good turn <3 even if It doesn’t then let it go . Don’t push. Move on with your life. Talk to your friends. I hope you’ll find someone who will understand you and love you more than you can ever imagine . ❤️


First of all, your frustation is understood but try and be kind and gentle to yourself. Whatever has happened is in the past. You know you can do better.
Give it a moment and think about this guy. Do you really want a relationship or are you looking for ways to avoid loneliness? If the answer is the second line, avoid dating for a while as you have to work on yourself.
Most of the time, we are scared to be alone because we’re scared of the thoughts our mind brings us in that moment. We don’t want to deal with those thoughts and are constantly looking for an escape. Either on social media, friends, relationships.
Be strong dear. Face your darkest thoughts calmly.
Secondly, learn to enjoy your own company. There is a lot of content on YouTube and self help books you can explore. You have to find out areas in your personality which can be improved. Get to the bottom of it. Why you feel the way you feel and then fix it. Be invincible. When you achieve that Zen mode, nobody will have the power to hurt you. You’ll be so independent and stable that when you get in relationship/friendship after that, it will be purely out of love… Not because of your fear of loneliness or insecurities.
And I’m not trying to patronize here. I can totally relate to your situation and I’m also a work in progress. I can assure you it feels amazing to be in control of yourself. I’m socializing and making new friends and feeling stronger from within. I believe you will too.
Think of it in this way - If you were to be the protagonist of your movie, what kind of personality would she have?
Ekta, paint your story. :)
Take care. Stay strong.


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