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Hi. Just a random post, sorry for my English, itโ€™s foreign for me.
Just googled โ€œi have no one to talk toโ€ and didnโ€™t find anything better.
I just want to spit it out.

Iโ€™ve first tried to commit suicide by jumping out of window of mental hospital iโ€™ve voluntarily surrendered to. That was 11 years ago. Never got better. Since than iโ€™m just living in my parents house, work from home. Iโ€™m constantly tired and lazy. Last time iโ€™ve been outside it was still summer. Now itโ€™s suffering season, i hate autumns and springs, my condition gets even worse than usual. Just want to end this endless nightmare, but i wonโ€™t. Donโ€™t even know why or what for. Living is just a bad habit by this point.

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Its hard to cope with mental illnesses, sometimes it will seem like life is just not worth living. Try to distract your brain with excercise, jogging, solving crosswords or basically anything that can distract you from dark thoughts. There is only one life so use it as best as you can because you as everybody else was lucky to be here and now in this vast space - universe. Maybe the tiredness and laziness are side-effect of meds, drinking vitamin supplements is maybe the solution. Motivation will be really hard but if you family supports you and cares about you that should be enough reason to live, I also sometimes thought about suicide but never did it because I knew what pain I am leaving behind to my dearest. Hope this helped even a tiny bit, stay strong. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn


Dear tr0n,
Dying is a worse habit.

Best of luck.


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