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Hi, I’ve had a crush on this guy for almost a year and initially we used to talk and stuff and I almost felt like he felt the same which wasn’t obviously true. I’ve tried my best to get over him and he’s lately going around with someone else and it just hurts me even when it shouldn’t. I really don’t know how to deal with it

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spicy pasta @spicypasta

its okay if the guy is into someone else. i know its not easy to accept but it is a reality. also there is no such thing one sided love, if there is such a thing than the right tag will be three sided love. i kidding. love is just love no sides, no expectations, just love. you dont need to deal with anything. you can have those feelings and continue your life. meet people and think less of past, be lively. chances are seeing you like this he might come back.

spicy pasta @spicypasta

i hope in a good way

spicy pasta @spicypasta

i didnt understand your point or logic. the fact is simple sitting around thinking the guy into someone else and making your life hell is not toxic. but instead opening arms and living life being happy even there are hurdles in life is insecure. YES he might come back, who wouldn’t spend time with a lively person.


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