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Secret @randomsaduser

I’ve been hurting since the last 3 or 4 months.
I’ve had my first breakup but the way it happened wasn’t healthy, some hurtful words were said to me and it seems that she’s been happy after ending our relationship.
I wasn’t toxic neither was i controlling or anything like that, it was always from her side but i just loved her for the person she was.
I’ve been crying non stop since these last 4 months and I’m feeling i need help or else I’m going to get traumatized.
If anyone’s here to talk to me for a while please feel free, thanks.

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Niara D @niara

Yes, you have me ❤️

Secret @randomsaduser

hi, I’m really glad you reached out . Thanks so much , I don’t know how to text you personally I’ve just made this account.


You can talk to me…

Secret @randomsaduser

Thank you so much ,it really means a lot, how can I contact you ?


I am sending you dm here. Please check

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Secret @randomsaduser

hey, thanks for reaching out, I’m trying to navigate through this site right now , I’ll text you once i figure it out.


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