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Hi, I’ve been feeling a little too drained and dumb emotionally right now. I’m putting it out here because I don’t feel like venting out to people who know me. It sounds weird I know, but I’d like to avoid being understood based on an already built perception of me. I have an extremely supportive group of friends but it’s just one of those times for me when I don’t want to talk to someone who knows me. (Not sure if I’m making any sense)

Okay anyways, I’ve had miserable luck when it comes to feelings and love. So much so that I’d almost shut myself from every developing a romantic interest or feelings. However, I recently did. It was initially a joke but I unfortunately fell for the guy while he was only fooling around. I’ve been going through a constant phase of self doubt and dejection while being in complete denial of my hurt. My past trauma is sort of getting all over the place with this and I don’t really understand what to do to make myself feel better at this point.

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Hi dear, 1st of all our condition is same …I have been such phase that we don’t want to share with but needed emotional support at the same time…here we can help each other… being in relationship doesn’t give you surety of being loved or keeping you happy…our happiness is in our hand re…It’s better to take break and do the things that you love, be around people whom you truly love…it will make you feel better…and it’s better to be with yourself than wrong guy…


Sometimes you just need a few moments with the right person to get back on track. Also, Don’t dwell on what went wrong instead. Instead, focus on what to do next.
I have been also gone through the same feelings.
Are you thinking that your friend would judge you if you tell them all this stuff???


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