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Hi, I’ve 20years and I’m very sad because i think that i’m wasting my life . Until now i’ve done nothing in my life. Sometimes when i want to learn something new (whatever language or anything) i feel like i don’t have the ability to do that thing i feel like i can’t do it and sometimes when i try to do something i can’t finish it because i already have something to do
i’m always wishing that i can complete something that’s why i’m wasting my time for nothing and the big problem that i reallyyyy really have is i can’t organize my time
(sorry for my bad English i know that i have a lot of mistakes but i don’t know how to speak well like the others)

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thanks for sharing this here
i hope you are doing well
i would like to tell you that you can never do “nothing”, you must have done things(maybe not that big or something) and it’s okay to go at your own pace and as how you like it. in addition to that, maybe you can try exploring your interests more and see what you like doing and indulge in those activities.


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