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Hi, it’s my first time sharing my thoughts here so idk how to express myself my emotions. The thing is I am lack of showing my emotions amd my opinoins on things that needs to be pointed out like my family issues, this is more than anything else.
Everytime I believe family is about always and forever , actually this line I caught from a series but I really believe it, but sometimes when my family members, my only parents conflict with eachother in front of me and I can see that among them one needs to be more loved and one needs the other’s support and not domination , I know it but I can only see that thing I know that thing what they need but I can’t say it I can not act that way which supposed to be done be me. I prepare spee h kinda things like collect what I have to say to them on my mind but I fail. I couldn’t say a single word reharding all their fights. It hurts so much but I am a coward that I can’t even tell my parents to not fight bc it hurts me. I just want god to male everything right with them between them then my life would almost happy as full as a room full of colorful balloons.

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i feel u to a spiritual level and lemme tell u r not a coward and yes you maybe can’t confront them regarding their inane or even serious conflicts. I don’t have any advice apparently cause I’m not eligible to do so :( , but remember don’t feel self-deprecated because its not ur fault, later in life u might have to find a different source of happiness u just gotta wait and stay strong :)

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