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Hi 👋
It’s my first time here hehe so this will be my first post.

Uhm, I haven’t been in a relationship since birth, just have some crushes of course (and most of them are girls) but I’m already mid 20’s and I don’t but I just wanted suddenly to be in a relationship (I know it’s not easy) maybe because during this lockdown I’ve been watching some romantic kdramas and movies that I’m picturing myself what if I have someone like those couples HAHAHA

I’ve got some suitors back then who asked me on a date and agreed to come but then I find myself after couple of weeks loosing interests on those guys. I felt like I’m not good in keeping people :(

So now this, I have a college classmates who had a crush on me and even helped me with my thesis back then which eventually stopped since I think he thought I took him for granted.

He is now chatting me on messenger and talking about things, I don’t know his motive but I’m still replying to his messages, but there’s one time that I didn’t reply after a week, I saw his tweet saying that if someone wants to play a game they should end it not leaving it’s opponent halfway through. After reading that tweet I let couple of days passed by and reply to his messages HAHA I really don’t know what he wants from me if he just wants to be friends or what.

He’s also asking me out after the lockdown but I told him that I will go only if we have one of my friend to come with us. I’m uncomfortable being around with guys alone. hmm.

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Hello theree! I think we’ve all been there and felt these emotions. I want to date someone too since the past 2 years BUT I don’t find anyone with whom I bond.

and also during the lockdown, I feel extra lonely, so I can understand what you’re feeling.

About your college classmate, it’s okay to meet after the lockdown and it’s okay to go with a friend till you don’t trust him and feel comfortable.
I’d say what I say to all my friends: Take it slow and see where things go!!!


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