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It’s been very hard to get anything done, things have been like this for so long, I am upset and angry with my family, for what they have been doing, I always wanted to do a master’s abroad, but during the end of my bachelors financial situation was so bad so I couldn’t purse what I wanted, so I chose to do masters in a university in my city but I turned to be a hell, I am scoring good but practical wise it is worst and had to write semester exams back to back like had to write exams for a whole day ( 3 exams in same day ) and continuously for 2 weeks, the management is worst , so I couldn’t handle it and I hated it so much so that I wanted to discontinue it and told my parents about it, they said yeah come out if it, but without a solid plan on what to do next I felt it would be stupid to drop out just like that, so I said if I drop out of uni I want to do masters abroad and I gave them a budget and everything, but when I made the decision to go ahead with the masters abroad plan, my dad started shouting and said many thing which were like bullying, he said he doesn’t know how I even passed my 12 or my bachelors with such good marks, he said I am not fit for it, he said I am not capable of doing a phd and that I just follow what others do and I am not even as talented or intelligent as my friend, which was all hurtful, I cried out so much that day, it felt worse than a breakup, so I decided that I won’t be able to fight through this and I made up my mind to pursue masters here in my toxic and messed up university,
But now after all that you are not worth it talk, my parents say we will fund you to do the masters abroad, so drop out of college,
So now I am so confused about whether I should trust them and drop out and honesty I am scared to do so because I have crossed 3 semesters and 3 more to finish the degree, so if I drop out and not get into any college this year it will be like 3 years of gap in my career,
And I am so depressed and worried on whom to talk to about this, my parents have showed very little support till not and so I just don’t know what to do.
I am very indecisive and I would appreciate any reply and ideas, so please help me

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Raza Khan @thegentleguide

As a person who’s studying abroad, I’d say it’s totally forward thinking and the best decision you’ll make for your masters and or PhD. You’ll accelerate your career so much. Relax and go for it.

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Bhavna P. @bhavna_pande


I can sense the tremendous pressure and uncertainty you’re facing right now. It’s not easy to deal with such complex family dynamics and academic challenges. Your feelings are entirely valid.

Considering the situation, it might be beneficial to have an open and honest conversation with your parents. Share your concerns and fears about the potential consequences of dropping out without a clear plan. Express your desire for their continued support in pursuing your education, whether it’s abroad or in your current university.

Moreover, you are already aware that dropping out will lead to a career gap. Trust or no trust, it’s a waste of your time to drop something in the middle to restart something else again. Rather than dropping now, you can think about going later and pursuing higher professional education from abroad.

Seeking guidance from a mentor, teacher, or career counselor could provide valuable insights and help you navigate through this challenging decision-making process. Remember, it’s okay to seek support from those around you during such difficult times.

Take care.
Counseling Psychologist Bhavna Pande


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