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It is a raining day here today and I enjoy raining days.
I am looking at the burning incense that my sister gave to me as a gift and also there is the censer that I brought from Spain to remind me the beautiful time I’ve passed in that gorgeous city.
I’ve been there twice. The first time that I was there I wasn’t the same person that I was recently at the second time. That sounds obvious but still those changes impress me. The way I see things changed so much that I cannot connect myself in this moment to who I was before. The abyss is so deep that makes me feel lost. I think I can see things clear now, because I am more into myself, accepting who I am. I am following my truth and being sincere to myself. I believe I was scared by this all. I am afraid to be rejected by who I love. But we all are different and I have to accept it as I accept who I love as they are. I will not deny that it is hard to be the way that feels good to me because of this fear of mine to be rejected. But as times go by I feel my deep desires more intense, they don’t go away. I am facing it step by step, walking on eggshells, and feelings a bit relieved in this chaos in my mind for facing it. The funny thing is that all the stress I am feeling is caused by this fear of mine. Will this fear go away one day? Because if I still feel that, it means that I can do the same mistakes again, I mean hiding myself. What should I do to stop this fear of rejection?
I started recently to be honest to myself and I am trying to stop hiding me from the world even though there is nothing extraordinary, it is just hard to me.
It is my first time writing my feelings online, maybe it helps.
Hope you all have a good day.

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Simran @st1199

While reading your comment, it showed how you have connected to your reality and working towards it for your betterment. I hope this is true. Also, everyone faces rejection and I am too scared of rejections (not in case of love life, I don’t have one and I have been rejected) but that makes us open ways for new opportunities. Whatever happens, happens for a reason.
Fear is important I believe in order to be nervous while doing/exploring somethings.
It makes us want to do that badly and sometimes gives us even more inner strength, if you know what I mean?

Just be yourself and show what you are to everyone. The real ones will stick by you and the judgy ones will pass comments. You decide where you wish to go.

You too have a good day! 😊


Hi, thank you so much for your comment.
It really makes me think about what I want and I wanna be with the real ones, even though it’s being a bit challenge, but in the end it always worth for the truth.
Thank you so much.
Have a good day! 🌿

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Simran @st1199

It’s great that you know what you want.
And, truth always comes with hardships but is always worth the shots for the long run.


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