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Nolan k @itsjustme17

hi, it has been too long, hasn’t it?
It’s funny how I don’t remember you…
but when people come over to my house, they talk about you like you were their
best friend’ something I hear often is," she was so happy", or " she was a ball of energy",
“she was so cute, in some ways selfless, always gave her stuffed animals away to the kids that didn’t have them. she was so sweet.”

I see photos of you around my house… almost everywhere I turn there you are.
it is like there are pulsating bruises wherever there is a picture of you in my house.
who were you?
and why were you so loved for who you were!
my stomach turns when I think of you.
from jealousy, pity, anger, fear…

how can there be people that remember you better than I do.
for fucks sake I was you!

-dear younger me.

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