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hi i’m writing this post to ask some tips on how to be awake in the night. i think it’s related with the fact i’ve changed course throughout my life as a student. i had no problems getting up between 12 a.m. until dawn in high school but i changed my course when i first got into collage and at first there was no problems but as time passed i had many issues during that time and i thought the major wasn’t for me and i preferred to be asleep than to face my assignment (i didn’t care about messing up my grade at that time). then i’ve changed my major again and this time it fits with me except i’m still far behind compared to my classmates who are more experienced than me. my discipline has became rotten due to the after effect of my previous issue and i’m upset with the way i am because it hinders with my work and also gives burden to my groupmate. pls help me.

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marko @joshsony

see dude u can watch movies or something still if u cant stay night then u should watch porn as tht makesu saty during night


i considered watching movie before but afraid of getting distracted and slowing down my work. since my habit is at its worst state why not. watching movie is much more productive than to be depressed of not getting work done which always end up with sleeping. thanks for the tip.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Hi, when I need to stay up at night, I drink coffee (1.5 tbsp) and that really refreshes me and keeps me up easily. During my school exams also I used to do the same. Another thing that helps me stay up is NOT sitting on my bed and working. I sit on my table, even if I’m working on my laptop. That helps me focus!


You have to realise that as we get older, our bodies change - it doesn’t stop at puberty!

Also, we all take information in differently. Find a way that helps you absorb information and go with that. For instance, I like to learn things at a fast pace - it makes me focus. I also like doing online work because it allows me to focus on what I’m doing - attention to detail. I’m also a hands on type of person so you could try an apprenticeship in your major - that could help you apply the book knowledge you’re getting and help you understand it better.

There are two types of education - school and experience. They can go hand in hand. For me, experience is my education. Although I was very good at school, I did not enjoy it but that is my personal feeling and my life. If you feel that school is your way of gaining knowledge then, please heed my advice above this paragraph.

Cheers & good luck.


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