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Hi, I’m scared of concept of marriage
I see my parents and I feel girl can never be happy in marriage. Although I have seen few of my friends who are happy after their marriage
But when I see my parents I am shattered about this concept, they fight like hell everyday, my dad beats up my mom and my mom shouts
Last night when this fight happened I went and hit my dad, in turn he slapped me and told me to listen to whatever he says and do whatever he says in life
My family is male dominated and I am scared to get married


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Rather pray for a good partner. Because I have seen my parents and I think they are best couple. Many relationship are successful yet some aren’t . Something bad shouldn’t destroy your trust in relationships and marriages. You should rather learn from your parents marriage and make sure to never repeat .


Thanks, but I just feel that there is no good partner and even if I find one what if I become toxic to that person like how my dad is for my mom. Because they fell in love with each other and they have successfully been married for 26 years

I have seen a million successful marriages yet one failed. Trust yourself. I have seen people grew from toxic surronding and they turns out best. You will find someone amazing that will change your whole perspective