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Hi I’m new to this I’ve never spoke to anyone about this I know I don’t have real anxiety but I overthink all the time and I feel so alone I always think my closest friends hate me and I don’t know I feel so broken

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I’m sure that your friends do not hate you. If you are worried about your relationship, you should try to have an open conversation with them rather than worrying alone. It’s better to talk about it rather than trying to predict what they’re thinking. When you are overthinking, try to talk it through with someone else, a friend or even a stranger online, to give you a clearer perspective. Writing your thoughts out in a journal might also help you to see things rationally and let out any stress. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you need to, I’m sure you can get through this!


That’s alright, at least you’re talking about it now…some of us don’t ever find the courage to. I think to a certain extent, we all do overthink, you know. We fuss, we attach insecurities from our past to minute things like a change in someone’s tone. It is but a way to protect oneself from future pain, of repeating our past mistakes. It’s just about knowing when to stop mulling over things. Some days it feels that way, but trust me the closest, dearest people who love you, genuinely love you for all of you. So, you don’t have to ever doubt that. We all are a little broken I suppose, and that randomly strikes us, so there again, you’re not alone. We all feel broken from time to time. I guess, the reason I’m telling you these things is because I just want you to know you’re not alone in this struggle, we all just mask it or don’t talk about it, or just try to find our own coping mechanisms, but we’re all just as anxious, if that helps xx


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