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hi i’m new to this app and idk if this is gonna help me but i’m not feeling like myself it’s like i’m changed , weird, psychotic, depressed, sad and what not i have no idea how to get through with what i’m going through . i don’t know wanna open up but maybe i wanna open up im not sure all i know is that i need help!

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Oh sad to hear. Anything happened?

Simple @simple_25

If you don’t know …then you can try writing your feelings in a diary. Where you can understand what you are going through, what’s the real problem; no one will be there to judge you, it will be you only.
Here on this app you’ll get replies on your feelings or whatever you post. But before all of that …you should understand yourself by writing out everything you feel in your daily life.
This is what I do…


contact a psychiatrist and psychologist. one will give you medicines and the other will listen to your problem without judgement. if your psychologist judges you, you can sue them and take your money back and find a new psychologist. your problem will be solved slowly and steadily. :)


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