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Hi I’m new I couldn’t keep it in I middle of night anymore so I signed up and writing this
I recently had travelled by bus many times was bit crowded and I went home but due to this outside tea el after long time , had all kinds of negative thoughts ,feelings and depressed and strange things happening and feeling afraid of everthing around me and all people(family) then again travelled and moved to my aunt home which is bit better but still little the same feeling going on due to which I’m not able to sleep for minute also or not even able to do anything completely feel down for first time and not even able to talk to anyone home don’t know how to over come this.
Writing this is so very hard , don’t know what to do
Please help

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You know you can write all your thoughts to a diary. I usually do this because I don’t trust or should I say I am afraid of anything that’s why I often write to that.

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Simran @st1199

There are many people feeling the same kind of emotions and don’t know how to put up and want to feel better.
Think what are the causes and can you in any way solve them for your good? If yes, then take small steps and work towards it.

If the depression and anxiety are eating you up from the inside then visit a therapist and there you would get an expert opinion and maybe help you in the most efficient way. :)


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