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Hi I’m new here don’t attack-
So recently I watched some videos about ghost stories and blah blah blah and being told they were all fake but then I came across, Dear David. (I watched Sssniperwolf’s video and she said it was real ._.)
After watching/reading it I was a bit creeped out and feeling like if I went to sleep he was going to appear on my chair.
I have insomnia so I have trouble sleeping sometimes… (it’s 3 am while typing this lol)
Another thing I have trouble with is…
My depression. Last time I checked, I had major depression. Some factors that make me feel sad and broken some of the time:
I feel pain almost everyday now
I always feel ashamed of myself for being a bit ugly
My hair is just a mess
I’m tender headed (Means that every time I try to brush my hair it always hurts like, a lot)
I’m weak
I’m kinda bullied, not that much but I hate being ridiculed (forgot the phobia name lol)
Sometimes I get a little angry, but when I get really angry I sometimes punch myself in the face and of course, it hurts
A lot more reasons I have depression but this is getting really long xD
I LOVE drawing
Like I would do anything that has art in it, like contests and activities
And I’m looking forward to doing an art class when school starts
But, I’d have to do an athletic sport
So I chose the “easiest” one, track and field
I’ve been doing summer track all month and to be honest, it’s just constant pain.
I only have 1 more week left (3 More days) though So that’s good :D
And oml I just heard a thump noise just now and I’m terrified
I get startled at the smallest sounds
Bro I need serious therapy-
And hgffcexde I HATE bone cracking
Jesus Christ and makes me sooo uncomfortable
And when my cats scratch on the wall holy shi-
My ears burst legit
Oh yeah my ears
I have really sensitive ears
Everything is sO lOuD
Hhhhh I have to bring headphones to loud movies xD
Oh and
I have many secrets that I hide from like everyone
I have weird interests…
Like fnaf, undertale, batim, babtqftim, etc.
But at the same time I like…
Cute and kawaii things, aesthetic stuff, everything like that
Oh my Jesus this is getting wayyyyy too long
Maybe I’ll end it here
If you want me to continue with my problems feel free to ask
And also, I’m ok, most of the time.
I just sometimes feel down but when I’m not, I’m super happy! ^^
So don’t worry about me!

- xMui

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