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Hi, Im Milos, Im 13. I have got a problem about my friends - friendships. I think friends left me, leaving me alone in tears. There are some persons Who hurt me so much. I cant understand why people doing it? It causes some pain to people.Thats make me cry every day.Im not associall people who dont love peoples-if you think it. If anyone want to talk me or give me advices, please write comment or write me on Viber +38268547439

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Im alone, I just want a friend


Hey my names Katie and I’m 13 as well, in a way I feel the same, I had one good friend but she moved away and now I feel like my old group of friends aren’t really my friends and they don’t like me.


Hey is Katie again, Milos do u wanna be friends


Of course we can! :)
Do you have any social media?


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