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Hi i’m kinda better now… I just dont know how to get over the bad stuff i did in the past. I want to change and become a good person but i sometimes still miss being bad. I liked being bad, does that make me a bad person?

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Karma is “action” and its consequences.

All acts are preceded by thoughts (cinta) which then become desires (iccha) which when strong enough form intentions (saṅkalpa) upon which one acts. Acts are either negative, positive or neutral and experience produces impressions in the mind (saṁskāras) which can be reinforced by repeated experience or acting. Reinforced saṁskāras produce habitual pattern formation (vāsanas) which merge to form your character (svabhāva).

Your character plus the vāsanas and samskāras produce KARMA.

Negative thoughts that simply arise and are not coalesced into INTENTION (saṅkalpa) do not produce Karma. We are not responsible for the thoughts that simply arise within the mind, we only have control over reinforcing them through contemplation and intention.

If we keep thinking negative thoughts intentionally about someone and still do not act upon them, then those thoughts do transform the mind (manas) and create saṁskāras which will later produce Karma.

Answer originally given by ~
Rami Sivan, Hindu priest and teacher of Indian Philosophy


Thank you for the reply, it somehow helped me understand myself.


No. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human


I think you need to talk about the bad things you did and deal with them. Until you have dealt with past issues you cannot move on


I think you’re right, but i dont know how i can deal with the guilt of cheating on my boyfriend when he refuses to punish me for what i did. I feel like im forever in debt and i have no right to get jealous anymore. It’s all my fault and there might not be anything i can do to stop the guilt from consuming me.

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Joshua @mjg

Before we plan anything in our lives,there is a point of start.
That point is our mind,its the foundation of everything that we decide to do or not do.
Bad boy, you shud use ur past to make a better person today.
But u being a bad boy reflects negatively,look at the the things that you could do deeply and examine them if they really make you happy,if they can add anything to ur life if done right now.
U will definitely see that they are not good.
I have also been a bad boy once in life,but when i sat down and so that it couldn’t add any value to my life,i left that life.
I even stopped thinking about it because it takes me nowhere but only to regrets and perishing.
U can do it bro,just stop thinking about that.
God bless you.


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