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Hi, I’m indhu . Before 3 months I get married.we are not happy in marriage life … I don’t why I can’t accept him…few days before I found he is in love with someone. now I’m in depression from when I knew truth about his cheating… many time I tried to do suicide… I can’t overcome from that …

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Talk to him and tell your parents. Suicide is not an option. He is cheater. rip off his mask in front off everybody. you deserve a good life.


Hey indu,
Your life is valuable and you are worthy okay?
I don’t know you neither you do me but I sense energy and hope in you that you actually want to live (since you are seeking answers). First talk to your parents about your reality. And secondly talk to your husband why he did that. And if you are unhappy with your marriage since day 1 then I would suggest you to take some time off. Because you matter alot. ☺💕


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