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hi, i’m in year 13. i am not usually someone who gets emotional or talks about their feelings. Since being back at school, i have cried everyday for the past 4 weeks. i am so anxious about exams and life that i literally don’t know what to do anymore. i put up on this strong happy smiley girl so that one one suspects that i’m hurting. i am sad. i’m anxious about missing work and not being able to complete my tasks and then it’s a vicious cycle and i can’t get out of it. i think it’s a common occurrence with people in my year, but i just feel alone. I am off my food and i feel nauseous all the time. I feel numb again, and i am scared that the voices will return to my head like they did in year 11. 2020 has truly been one of the shittest years and i just wish they would not make us do the exams. i honestly don’t know how i am going to survive it.

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Ansh Agrawal @ch1nru5t

Hello :)
First of all don’t think like you’re not gonna survive. We all are going through a lot!
I would suggest you try to visit some refreshing places(which is not possible probably in this situation), talk to people, try meditation, YOGA, do exercise, solve some brain twisters, and most importantly! Do what you like!
For example I love to play games, so whenever I feel low I play games.


Hi sweetie! Let me tell you something you are not the only one who is going through academic stress right now, we all are pretty much in the same boat because of this whole lock down situation going on. So don’t worry we are all in this together and secondly it’s all going to be alright and you will do way better in your exams than you have expected trust me. Just be positive and know that you are doing the best you can even if it is not your best but this is the most you can make out of this situation okay. Try spending some time with your family members and tell them how you really feel they will help you gain confidence and become positive. And sweetie you are just 13, you are already wayyy too smart for your age so don’t worry and don’t overthink so much. Good luck


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